On-Line Tax Revolt March on Washington

Online Tax RevoltThe FairTax campaign has put into motion a powerful On-line Tax Revolt March on Washington, D.C. culminating April 15th in the largest American tax protest event since the Boston Tea Party. It can’t come a moment to soon.

Over last year there has been a re-awakening of the American tradition of the citizen’s voice in politics and public policy. From coast to coast and in every state people have come together to demand a better government—and a real voice in our government’s policies and practices. There is real and legitimate anger that the entrenched political class has served itself, mislead us and ignored the will of the people. No more.

What is extraordinary is that the Tea Party movement has not been organized by any one political figure, party or campaign operative. These are spontaneous local flowerings of a true grass roots sentiment that we’re in deep trouble as a nation and it won’t get better until we eclipse the self-serving, dishonest and destructive power of those who are bankrupting the nation and treating citizens as nothing more than sheep who can be ever more efficiently sheared.

In Massachusetts and indeed in every state politicians, campaign managers, political experts and pundits have been struck dumb, bewildered by this healthy turn toward a government “of, by and for the people.” Everywhere politicians turn they are seeing that the power of incumbency will be no protection from voters angry that they have been failed by political insiders. This justified anger is, however, often general, unfocused and without specific purpose but the on-line tax revolt is open to all and puts purpose to passion.

Read more about how it will work on the FairTax website.

Visit the Online Tax Revolt website.

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