Tax Cut Rally

Your chance to express your displeasure, not necessarily against taxes that are exorbitant and unfair, but taxes that are too high while going higher, and a Congress that has a expressed goal of driving taxes to the point of stalling out and bankrupting the economy of our Country. TAX AND SPEND, TAX AND SPEND thus jeopardizing our, our children’s and grand children’s future. And Minnesota is not out of the woods on this doctrine as they have been guilty of that attitude for many years. Fair Tax MN needs your support! We are all volunteers working on reducing wasteful spending in MN and in DC! Please consider donating with your visa or mastercard by clicking on this page.

This is your chance to join a peaceful demonstration to express your displeasure at both the National and State burdens which we now shoulder and will be increased, upon us. Your chance to let your representatives know in both D.C. and Minnesota, we have had enough and are very unhappy at how they are not listing to the very people who elected them to their positions, and can un-elect them also.

Come join your neighbors at the Minnesota Capitol Mall on April 28 commencing at 10 AM and running to 2 PM. There is a lineup of speakers, including recent presidential candidate, Herman Cain, who are conservatives with a message. Meet like-minded neighbors, and visit the many booths where you may learn how you can get active and help in the struggle to send our Representatives the message of smaller government, lower taxes and a business culture that grows entrepreneurship and jobs jobs jobs. And it will take all of us to do this job and, If you don’t get active or help in the struggle, you will have no right to criticize the results. So, put the date on your calendar, gather a neighbor ot two and get to the event on April 28 at the Capitol. It is your future too that is being affected by what is going on in government today.

And, while you are there, be sure and stop by the FAIR TAX 4 MN table and say, “Hello.” We have a member of our group on the Speakers Schedule. Learn more about how the Fair Tax can be a part of Minnesota tax policies. Our goal is to make April 15th just another spring day by not being required to file either state or national taxes.

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