MN 4 Fair Tax – A YouTube Message

The National Fair Tax (HR25) is alive and well among the Conservatives in the Congress. Below is a YouTube presentation by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lethien of Florida for your information. We encourage you to contact your Congressmen asking them to actively back a call for a hearing by the House Ways and Means committee, chaired by Charlie Rangle of New York, the person holding up such an action. The more of our citizens that will back a hearing, the sooner it will be heard and possibly moved forward. As all financial proposals have to originate in the House of Representatives, the only way it will move forward is by this committee’s actions.

Thank you for your support of the Fair Tax (HR 25) and (S 296). We are continuing to work for a Fair Tax model for Minnesota.

Dennis Madden
State Director (volunteer)

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